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RetroRomIcon is an independent game company specializing in retro-style games.  Having witnessed both and birth of video games and home computers, I have a soft spot for games that bring back memories of the arcade, or playing for hours on end on early game consoles or the home computers of the 80’s.

I am currently producing games on the Android platform, and hope to be expanding into the IOS market mid 2015.

There are no plans at this time to write games exclusively for desktop, however all games written for the mobile platform have a development desktop version, which I will make available here for free, and can be played on PC, Mac, or Linux so long as you have a current version of Java installed.

I am 100% dedicated to making quality games, and I respect my customers – I won’t release any game I don’t enjoy playing myself, nor subject end users to practices that I personally dislike – such as pay=to-win gameplay, buy-me nagware, and of course ads.  I dislike spam, and thus will never have pop up ads in any of my games.

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  1. Rhonda Hewett

    To try and tell you how proud of you I am and of your business ethics I just can’t find the words that would capture all my feelings. I am absolutely bursting with pride. You go son and may the rewards of your efforts be plenty

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