Out with the old….

In more ways than one… February is on the way out, and that brings us 2 months into a projected 4 month dev cycle for Vectoroids.  To tell the truth I would have liked to have been a lot further along than I am, but when you’re essentially a one man band (with help for music and sound) with other responsibilities to meet, you’re going to have slow months.

As it stands there is quite a lot of the base code done – many of the arcade elements are done, and hopefully modular enough to allow me to plug in content at a later date and have it ‘just work’ with very little modifications.

Work has begun on the strategy part of the game, and that will require a lot of careful coding and decision making – or I’ll pay for it with a lot of reworking down the line.  My goal for March is to have at least the quadrant/sector mapping system up and working. The ability to go to and from the strategy/arcade elements of the game, and have the procedural generation of sectors at least working, along with mission generation.

It’s a big ticket to write, but it will really start bringing this game together.

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